Privacy Policy

Here at Keys Fisheries online home you are free to visit and enjoy the website without disclosing any personal information about yourself. However, in order to have high quality e-commerce solutions for your orders from our online store and for basic information to contact you through general inquiries, we do collect basic information. Most of this information is to get in touch with you for follow-up answers to your contacts and for purchasing contact information. In addition to this, we do send out random mailings for our registered site users which provide information about upcoming events, promotions and possible sales events.

The personal information we collect may include, but is not limited to, first and last name, e-mail address, and telephone number (e.g., home, work, mobile and/or fax). We may also collect other personal information that will be identified on the applicable page(s) of the Website.

In order to provide you with a high quality, secure shopping experience we employ the use of a leading online vendor for secure payment processing. You will not be asked any personal financial information for a purchase until you are seamlessly transferred to our secure payment pages.

With respect to the information that we gather from you, we will not distribute, sell or give away your personal information.